HIAT-650 belongs to the category of Very light Aircrafts and is certified according to certification specifications of EASA «CS-VLA».

HIAT-650 available in 4 versions:
• (HIAT – 650B) – Basic.
• (HIAT – 650FT) – Flight training.
• (HIAT – 650FT/ AG) – Flight training, Agricultural.
• (HIAT – 650AG) – Agricultural.

The single engine, two side-by-side seats, rectangular high-wing carbon composite, welded truss fuselage with composite cover, fixed landing gear aircraft.

The fuselage is executed in the form of a welded truss with a composite skin.

The wing is rectangular, direct, high mounted, carbon semi-monocoque construction and is equipped by flaps, ailerons and slats.

The empennage consists of a vertical and horizontal tail, which are integrated in the rear part of fuselage. All the structural elements of the empennage are manufactured from composite materials.

The landing gear is not retracted during the flight and has a tricycle undercarriage for HIAT – 650B, 650- FT and taildragger undercarriage for HIAT – 650FT/ AG, 650- AG versions. The main landing gear is spring type and secured by a hydraulic braking system, separately for each wheel.
Nose and tail landing gear are equipped with simple shock absorbers.

The engine is the heart of aircraft and that is why we use one of the world wide safety engines
such as ROTAX and O-360, They have been tested with thousands of flight hours experience.
HIAT-650B and 650-FT equipped by ROTAX-914 (115HP), four-cylinder, four-stroke engine with liquid cooled cylinder heads and air-cooled cylinders, with a turbocharger and a pressure relief valve. HIAT-650FT/ AG and 650- AG equipped by O-360 A1A (180HP), four-cylinder, four-stroke engine with air-cooled cylinders.




ASP O-360 A1A

HIAT-650 aircrafts equipped with variable-pitch propellers. HIAT-650B and 650FT equipped by Kievprop ВИШ 28/1800 propeller. HIAT-650FT/ AG and 650- AG equipped by MTV-12.